Why we love what we do – insights from Silk Sisters

by Julia
Working in a beautiful independent shop in a lovely town where I have lived all my life is a real pleasure. I love working in the shop because we know most of our customers who often just pop in for a chat and catch-up. We pride ourselves on always giving a friendly and honest opinion – for holidays, special occasions or just an evening or day out.  Our pieces are both individual and reasonably priced, and stock changes on a daily basis.
We also offer a complete service from bra fitting, and swimwear to clothes, shoes.
handbags, gifts and accessories. The swimwear and bra fittings are very popular as people get a bespoke and personalised service to suit their needs.
We work hard to provide a huge range of items in our small shop – we stock furs, silks, hand beaded pieces and hand-painted handbags. We really do cater for all ages and tastes. We use ShopAppy so that more of our customers and new customers can browse our range at home at their leisure but we have even more items in the shop!
As I have worked at Silk Sisters for several years and know that we work hard to provide the personalised service to our customers. I decided to ask customers why they shop at Silk Sisters in Otley and was delighted with the response…
The two reasons that they identified were
1. discovering individual pieces with a friendly honest service
2. and the always welcoming and friendly atmosphere
It is great to see that we are achieving our aims and we look forward to welcoming you to our shop, next time you are in town or have a browse on ShopAppy.com/silk-sisters

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