When I first discovered shopping local

By Jackie Mulligan

In 2012 in between watching the Olympics, I found out that my local greengrocer was closing. I was really upset as I loved the fact the shop was there. I didn’t use it, as I always did my shopping at the supermarket but I liked the fact it was there. A few friends pointed out that my behaviour might be one of the reasons it was closing down. I liked the fact it existed, but I did not help it to exist!

Thankfully, the business got taken over by another greengrocer. Seeing the error in my ways, I decided I would try shopping local for a week or two instead of doing the weekly shop at a supermarket. I also promised my family that I would keep tabs on how much I was spending so I could monitor if it was really working for us.

Three reasons why I never stopped shopping local from that first day…

  1. I saved money. At supermarkets I would regularly spend over £100 bulk buying items, falling for offers (which mostly got wasted in the end) and buying things that were not on my list. In week 1 my spend was 60% of what I had spent on Supermarkets each week. Rather than £120 my spend was less than £70 and sometimes as little as £40 a week. I was getting exactly what I needed and not over-buying rubbish that I didn’t want, need or use. My experiment had worked but there were two more reasons why I continued.
  2. Products were better. Whether buying foods, gifts, drinks and clothing, I got better quality from local shops. The greengrocer would tell me what apples were best to buy, the meat was outstanding and the butcher knew where it was from. The fish tasted so much better, so much so, that even my daughter refused to return to supermarket foods. Now I knew I could not turn back.
  3. I felt happier. My local shop on a Saturday became a social activity, it was quick (actually quicker sometimes than the supermarket which I drove to, got parked, navigated aisles, queued.). At the shops I was greeted with a smile, shops even knew what I wanted sometimes. It made me feel connected, to feel that I belonged and it was a much cheerier way to start a weekend than looking at a narrow aisle.

Of course supermarkets still factor in my shopping, but now the household items and other bits I can’t get locally, I can get once a month instead. Life is far more convenient, far happier, healthier and I spend less. That is why I started ShopAppy.com. Once I discovered shopping local and the feeling I called ‘ShopAppiness’ I wanted more people to feel it too. Please have a try as you really don’t know what you are missing until you do. Visit ShopAppy.com

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