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Spread some Christmas cheer and find out why shopping local is good for you

Here are 5 reasons to shop locally this Christmas

Spread some Christmas cheer and find out why shopping local is good for you Here are 5 reasons to shop locally this Christmas It helps your local economy

Did you know that for every £10 spent in your local independent shop means that an additional £50 goes back into your local community? (source)

Put simply, when you spend money with your local independents, they will spend locally and so your money starts to circulate in your local community…Meaning more businesses benefit supporting jobs and dreams to thrive.

It’s friendly!

You can’t beat the local knowledge of a business owner who likely knows everyone in the neighbourhood and what’s going on. BIRA confirms that friendships are often made between residents and local shopkeepers that last a long time. It means there is a social value to your shopping and you might find out something you didn’t know too. There is a reason some of the shop profiles are badged as ‘good for gossip!) When you get to know your local businesses, shopping is an opportunity to get out there and meet friends.

It supports dreams

There are twice as many high street businesses as chain stores. While there are thousands of small businesses setting up across the U.K, many are finding it difficult to stay in business. Usually the business owner has created their business based on their own passion or hobbies. They have lots of knowledge on the products and services they sell and they want to make a living doing what they love. Don’t be a Scrooge this Christmas, share the love, help build those dreams and your local high street will thrive.

It gives you something unique

Independent businesses bring much needed originality and variety into local communities. A high street filled with unique, vibrant and colourful shops will attract more visitors and will help to create a place people are proud to live in. Vibrant areas also often lead to other businesses locating in the area, creating a wider range of opportunities. Not to mention the opportunity to find that unusual and original gift this Christmas!

It helps the environment

Choosing a local shop over a home delivery can actually have a positive impact on the environment. The majority of small businesses found on the local high street are within walking distance.

If more people choose

to travel less far for provisions on foot, this reduces air pollution, traffic and packaging. So shopping local will improve the quality of your environment and your health!

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