Shop Spotlight: Essential soaps Barnsley

Essential Soaps is a family run business and has been well established in Barnsley for four years.They live and breathe gifts that feel and smell good enough to eat, so whether you’re a prosecco princess, bath babe or foodie fanatic, Anne at Essential Soups will have the perfect present for you or that special someone in need of a well earned pamper.

For the Prosecco Princess

The prosecco princess candle is a must have for anybody who loves nothing more than popping open a glass of fizz. The candle contains scents of Neroli, Citrus and sandalwood and is it even sparkles when it is lit! The candle can be enjoyed night after night, and with no hangover – bonus!

Glam up responsibly with prosecco bubbles lip balm. Your favorite beverage in a moisturising lip balm formula! This best selling lip balm is classy, sophisticated with a hint of strawberry! And it also has a twin sister, the prosecco bubbles lip scrub. Team them up together for the perfect fizz combination and an enviable pout.

For the bath babe

Put the razzle dazzle back in bath time with the razzle-berry bath blaster. The pure Palmarosa and Bergamot essential oils mixed with a sweet scent of raspberries are released when the bomb is dropped and fizzed into the warm water. Lay back and enjoy true relaxation.

Put all of your worries on hold for a while with the wild lavender bath salts at Essential Soaps. A soothing gentle scent which relaxes the body, helping tense muscles and aches and pains melt away in the tranquil fragrant water.

For the Foodie Fanatic

The Lily-flame candles will stimulate your senses with the familiar scents of your favourite treats. The chocolate truffle scented candle has a rich smell of Belgian chocolate when burning, making the room feel warm and cosy.

All of these products can be found on Shopappy, here!

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