Real cost of online shopping could be terrible Christmas Movies…

Research shows that Christmas is when most small shops lose out to the online giants. Hardly surprising when we are all more rushed than ever, bombarded with advertising and trying to do as much shopping as possible in the shortest amount of time. No wonder we order so much online. But what is the real cost of all that online shopping and free delivery?

One cost is to our local shops and markets who need a good Christmas to see them through the year. Without a good Christmas, many go under. Those shops and stalls are the heart of our towns and the heart of Christmas movies we’ll watch over the holidays. Think Paddington at Mr Gruber’s shop, the fabulous indie enterprises on Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, the small businesses that end up helping each other and the community in It’s a Wonderful Life. Without local shops, real towns become ghost towns. Without the character of those independent shops in our Christmas movies, the movies become decidedly unmagical. Towns and movies without magic is the price we pay for the easiness of online and for those free deliveries from the online giants. If customers are online, there really is no point in bricks and mortar, not for those small indie characters at least.

Of course, it’s not easy in our busy lives to support both the big businesses and the small ones. It’s easier to shop with the giants. At ShopAppy we are changing all that. We bring the convenience of same day collection with being able to buy from local shops all in one place in your town. Our aim this Christmas is to make more people feel happier about where they shop.

This year, more than any other, it is tough for the bricks and mortar shops and services that shape our towns. Our Diagon Alley’s are being crushed by the giants. Our Mr Gruber shops are being overtaken by huge logistic warehouses. It turns out bricks and mortar retail is not always a wonderful life. So this year, we ask everyone who reads this, to think local first. If you have ShopAppy in your town, have a browse. If you don’t have it yet, let us know and then pop into town and support the local businesses anyway.  There is no need for a magic wand to help local businesses this Christmas, all they need is you.

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