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Keep your New Year’s resolutions by shopping local!

As 2019 starts, many people around the world are optimistically setting themselves New Year’s resolutions. According to a YouGov poll, the most common aspirations for the coming year are to eat healthier, get more exercise and to save more money.

Shopping local can help you meet every one of those objectives. Eat healthier.

Take a trip down to your local high street or local market and you might be surprised by the choice of fresh food you can buy. From fresh fruit and vegetables to butchers, fishmongers, cheese shops and delicatessens. If you can’t get to your high street you can use Place your order and pick it up from one place on the way home. Get more exercise. Get out of your car or the house and take a walk to the shops. Government guidelines are 150 minutes of activity a week (to get weight loss benefits you need to increase this to 300 minutes a week). However, this does not need to be pounding the treadmills at the gym. A 10-minute walk to the shops can count towards your 150 minutes. So ditch the car and take a walk. Those move minutes can really help towards a healthier lifestyle. Save more money

Did you know that you can actually save money by shopping local? When you shop local you tend to buy what you need rather than being tempted by BOGOF offers and the like. A consequence of this is less waste. Jackie Mulligan, the founder of tested out this theory before starting ShopAppy and was amazed to be saving around £40 a week.

We could go on with all the benefits of shopping local, less packaging, better for the environment and not to mention the ‘Shopappiness’ you feel when supporting your local community. This year, there is every reason to add Shopping Local to your new year resolutions – and now it’s even easier to do it in: Skipton , WetherbyBarnsley,Saltaire , Swaffham , Attleborough , Great Yarmouth,Thirsk , Otley , Guiseley , Tickhill , Silsden ,NorthallertonBecclesBaildonKeighleyThetford,DerehamWatton

Shop local online, today!

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