It takes one good man (or woman) to do nothing….

What’s my story?

I’m Jackie Mulligan the founder of I moved to Saltaire in West Yorkshire because I loved the vibrant local high street, the art shops, boutiques, gift shops, delis, traditional shops. I felt like I lived somewhere not ‘anywhere’ or on the outskirts of everything else.

Nearby I saw some shops closing, I also saw home deliveries growing and an idea began to grow that I couldn’t get out of my head. I, like most people, don’t want to live in a ghost town. And I don’t want to live in a place that looks the same as anywhere else. Around me, and in other areas, towns were in steep decline and the social impact could be felt. Who wants to walk through a town full of to let signs…? I wanted to do something to stop the decline.

So I gave up my secure career to follow my passion for places and small businesses and created What is

ShopAppy enables you to shop local online. Most of us would prefer to spend money closer to home. ShopAppy allows you to browse the products and services in your local high street, town or market. If like me the shops are shut when you get home you simply select the goods you want, place them in your online shopping bag, buy them at the check-out. You will be able to collect all your shopping in one place on your way home! If shops don’t have the products you see, or your favourite café isn’t on there, you can ask them why on the site, you can also ask questions about products or shops and ‘heart’ your favourite businesses too. A few weeks ago we added booking functions meaning you can book an appointment at your hairdressers, book a table at a restaurant, book a workshop, gym session or even a meeting room. Now we’ve done the difficult bit, what can you do? We’re asking you to give it a go. Today instead of coming home via a supermarket to buy your evening meal, bottle of wine or last minute gift, take a look at and see what the independent businesses on your local high street have to offer and pick it up on your way home. We are currently in 21 areas and more will

join us in 2019! Not only will you receive high quality products but you’ll enjoy the feeling that you’re playing your part in keeping your area special. If you haven’t got ShopAppy near you, get in touch with us. And if we are where you are, join our mailing list, so we can keep you updated on what’s happening, what’s on offer and what you can do in your area.

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