How to get your 5 a day! Whether your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or improve your healthy eating – more fresh vegetables and fruit is a must.

Whether you’re a meat eater, vegan or veggie, vegetables have a part to play in your wellbeing. Did you know that public health England’s Eatwell guide recommends that half your dinner plate should be full of vegetables?

There are some delicious and filling options during the cold winter months which will keep you warm and fill you with nutrition to fight the bugs and get fighting fit for the rest of 2019. All you really need is a pan but if you have a slow cooker that’s even better. Your meal can be cooking while you’re at work, picking up the children or shopping (locally of course!). Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup couldn’t be easier to make! Simply pop to your local greengrocers – here are a few we would recommend:

Visit J M & S Greengrocers for the freshest fruit and veg in Northallerton. Click here!

Ilkleys best greengrocers, R K Asquith and Sons offers some of the best fruit and veg around. See for yourself here!

A greengrocer with an impressive range of fresh produce, who is full of advice and not to be missed (and even sells fish as well) is John at the Orange Grove in Saltaire

For locally sourced, quality fruit and veg 7 days a week in visit The Greengrocers (Thirsk) Ltd. Have a browse here!

Freshly sourced fruit and vegtables at the weekly market from Fresh Norfolk Produce of Swaffham. Visit our online store  today!

Friendly, award-winning fruit and veg of Barnsley at Dave & Dave Fruit & Veg. Take a look now!

Wetherbys finest fruit and veg and the click of a button from C.A Johnsons & Sons. Visit us now!

Pick up the veg of your choice, boil or steam it until soft, add some vegetable stock and then blend. Season with salt and pepper, and serve with a crusty bread roll. If you are looking to make that even easier – invest in a soup kettle and have a perfect vegetable soup in 21 minutes.

For something  a bit different, or if you’re looking to impress, try this easy pasta bake!

Order a Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable box

If your new year’s resolution is to eat more fruit and veg this year, then why not take advantage of the fruit and veg boxes supplied by many of our local greengrocers. It couldn’t be easier, order your fruit and veg box and pick it up from your local collection point. These seasonal boxes are even better because your selection is hand-picked and uses the best of the seasonal produce, meaning you get the best tastes to get through the winter months!

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