Four good reasons to shop local this Easter!

Why not stroll down your local high street to see what’s on offer and support the businesses that work so hard all year round to offer us choice and individuality and add colour to our local towns?

Eggs and beyond

Whether it’s an Easter egg or Easter gift you’re buying, either for the kids or a loved one you’re bound to find something that’s individual from your local retailers. Not everyone wants an Easter egg, your children might prefer cuddly bunnies or games, you will find something for everyone on your local high street.

Fresh, seasonal goods

Many people have a special lunch with turkey and invite family and friends around. The local indies are great for fresh meats, fish and vegetables.

Freshness is guaranteed as the vegetables are generally sourced locally and are seasonal. You’re unlikely to purchase the vacuum -packed variety but they are generally sold loose in good old-fashioned paper bags.

Then take a walk to the butcher who will not only have a good selection of meats, but they will advise you on the best way to cook and prepare for the best results.

And why not finish off with fresh fruit? Berries make a great dessert, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are great for a Summer Pudding or with yogurt or cream and again, all can be found at your local fruit and veg shop!

Your favourite tipple

A bank holiday is a perfect excuse to have a glass of what you fancy. Whether it’s gin, wine, prosecco or beer you will find a great selection from your local wine and spirits shop and once again they will know their stock and advise on just what to buy.

Get a spring in your step

Spring is in the air and the bulbs are coming up so take the opportunity to get out in the garden and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a good time to add colour for summer and replace some of those plants which didn’t survive the winter months. Your local garden centre will have a great choice of spring plants and flowers and being outdoors has benefits to your mood and wellbeing.

So this Easter don’t forget to shop local and ShopAppy, your local businesses will really appreciate it if you do.

 Have a ShopAppy Easter!

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