Footfall expert and retail enthusiast Xanthe Wilson joins the ShopAppy team

We are delighted to have Xanthe Wilson join the ShopAppy team for 2019. She brings with her sharp insights into footfall and retail having worked with councils, markets, BIDs and shopping centres over several years. Xanthe will be building on our community of places and small businesses as we grow into more towns and cities in 2019 with our vision to help create better places for people to live, work and visit. ShopAppy thinks there is a better alternative for high streets, markets and places that seizes the opportunity of online and the growth of click and collect to generate footfall and spend. ShopAppy is a simple solution that makes it easier for customers locally to support local and makes it easy for businesses to go digital. So here is what Xanthe has to say….

“Do you know how passionate I am about retail?

I’ve had the ultimate pleasure of working within retail footfall industry over the last 10 years, which includes High Streets, Markets, Shopping Centres, Stations and Retail Stores.   I’ve thoroughly enjoyed  working with many different ‘retail’ sectors and helping them to understand their footfall trends, and have also been able to present some fascinating footfall insights over the years .  The results are intriguing and a wonderful way of measuring and managing places which ultimately leads to improvement!

Now, it’s time for a change. However I don’t want to throw away this valuable knowledge, so I’m taking it with me in a new challenge and something which is very close to my own heart, our local businesses in cities, towns and High Streets.  So ‘Happy’ to be working with ShopAppy and their fantastic initiative to support places and businesses helping customers to find them.

Don’t know about you, but my Saturdays and Sundays just wouldn’t be the same without a visit to my local shops and businesses!”

Welcome to the team Xanthe – you can contact her on

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