Customer service is at the heart of indie retail

Blog written by Ruth Crook, Manager of Olicana Office

Customer Service is at the heart of all independent retailers. We give you genuine advice and prices with no gimmicks. I visited one of our main competitors. There were banners and brightly coloured stickers promising me the ‘best deal’. After checking these  ‘offers’ and double checking on line it soon became clear that they expect us to fall (and unfortunately sometimes we do) for the promise. Do the maths; if a product is buy one get one free or 3 for 2, check out the cost of 1 item at your local independent and prepare to be shocked. Laws are not being broken in these larger chains but they rely on the consumers, usually time pressed, to see an offer and believe it.

Independent Retailers and the small businesses around them help and support each other in many ways. I recently lent a computer mouse to one of our regular customers, it was returned the following day along with a box of choccies. This can only reinforce our relationship with our customer. I received excellent customer service a couple of weeks ago when I ran in the butchers for half a dozen eggs and realised that I had left my purse in the car, so I dropped the money in the next day. This support and respect only comes from working alongside each other and building working relationships and trust. Always remember that the online giants will never lend you anything and our supermarkets will never let you pay tomorrow. That’s even more reason to shop with independent businesses.

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