Busy people need choice, and we have the solution.

You’ve worked late. You miss your train. You’ve nothing for dinner. You call at the supermarket. You queue at the checkouts. You pack your shopping. You get home. You’re exhausted, and it bit deflated. You have spent much more than you intended, have more packaging than you expected and you’ll probably end up wasting a lot of the food you’ve bought, because it’s all a bit ‘meh’


You’ve worked late. You call at your local Shopappy collection point and collect the ready packed groceries and gifts you ordered last night, online, from all of your favourite local independent high street shops. You get home, you have a lovely range of items, you have exactly what you need AND you’ve supported your local independents, plus you met the lovely business owner who runs the collection point too.

We know which we’d choose.

In November 2016, Shopappy was launched. An online platform designed to level up the playing field for high street retailers. The platform allows you to order from multiple local shops, pay, and collect your order at a time that suits you.

Here’s a few reasons to consider making the leap from the giants and standard online delivery services to your local high street that you may not have thought about.

Many local food producers are small or ‘micro’ businesses, who find it difficult to distribute more widely – so, purchasing local produce can help small businesses to grow, and helps bring new products to the market too. Business aside, the less distance the food must travel the fresher it will be. As a result of this, there’s no pressure for shopkeepers to select food with a longer shelf life and therefore you’re much more likely to see larger varieties, from heritage to just plain unusual.

Nowadays, our food travels far and is packaged to protect it. Whilst this does reduce food waste, it also creates millions of tonnes of wrapping waste, most of which is oil based plastic that we don’t, or can’t yet recycle. When you purchase food from your local shop or market it is often unpackaged or sold in simple brown paper bags, which is not only much more aesthetically pleasing than plastic carrier bags, but also helps reduce plastic waste.

Most importantly, when you click and collect and discover convenience with a local conscience, you feel happier about where you live and your community and local economy will improve too. Have a look and see if things might just feel that little bit happier with ShopAppy in your life and your area.

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